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Panflutes in Stock

Ulitza Bamboo Flute, C1-C4,
Socket made of bubinga + maple

This is a beautiful tenor panflute from August 2015 from the workshop Ulitza-Panflötenbau. The instrument was hardly played and is in excellent condition, like new !!! The socket from Bubinga is an absolute peculiarity.

€ 800,- incl. VAT + shipping costs

"Herkenhoff" Alto Panflute

A very beautiful and about two years old "Herkenhoff" Alto panflute. The socket is made of walnut, the tubes of very fine turned maple. This flute was made according to the exact specifications of Ulitza-Panflötenbau in Romania and completed and furnished by U. Herkenhoff. It is in excellent condition.

€ 400,- incl. VAT + shipping costs

Alto Panflute Company Hofmann

A beautiful and one year old alto-panpipe, flamed chinese bamboo. No signs of use! The cut on the player's side was slightly improved by Ulitza-Panflute-Manufacturing. The flute has been re-tuned and is in excellent condition. Big and soft sound! The original invoice was once € 562,00 and is available. A matching and well lined bag is also included.

€ 500,00,- incl. VAT + shipping costs